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 Soft Murder 
Francis Bacon

  Click for the video of the show

Sado-masochist yearnings for the violent death of himself or his gangster  lover? Or genuinely torn between Art and Love? 

Or Sex, violence and cynical  exploita
tion of a loving man followed by expensive paintings of his remorse?

Soft Murder

is the third part of  found reality's new  show.

reviews of the show

In 1967 aged 25 I climbed the stairs to the Colony Room Club.  Inside, watched by the membership, amongst whom I recognized Painter Francis Bacon and the proprietor, Muriel Belcher. Their faces were familiar to me from Soho pubs and illegal Gay clubs (there where still no legal kind). I wanted to become a member of her club, believing strongly that we all inhabited the same world and here would be a classless society of artists. She stared at me, amazed, as if her toilet seat had unexpectedly offered her a crisp. “I don't think so Darling”. Francis Bacon pulled a face as I slunk back down the stairs to a chorus of sniggering Soho Pisserati. I never forgot Muriel. She became the central motive for SOFT MURDER.

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