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Sam Boardman-Jacobs
is celebrating his fiftieth year of working in the theatre as an internationally acclaimed Writer, Designer and Director.
He recently  retrained as a Choreographer ( in spite  of 15 heart attacks, major surgery and the onset of serious  physical Disability) 

Sam gained a place at Europe's most prestigious Dance Training Academy - 
THE LABAN INSTITUTE, LONDON, where he  received  his Masters Degree in Choreography 

Despite being 66 he considers himself to be  the 'youngest' new  Choreographer in the business.

* * * * reviews
Soft Murders
at Edinburgh Fringe
soft murders,
featuring a talented mix of Disabled and non-Disabled performers as well as a Disabled Choreographer, was Sam's first full-length Dance-theatre work.

is a writer and composer who has been involved in music  theatre for a number of years. particularly in the composition of issue-led  projects involving young people .
He is now the music director of Found Reality Theatre, where he works in close collaboration with Sam Boardman-Jacobs to find new ways of using music and music-making for their dance theatre projects.